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UNYSSEA: add interactive web services to your digital TV streams

A tool for providing your audiences with an enhanced connected television experience.
Add games, public inquiries, program guides and social media to your TV streams.

DVB/HbbTV content injector into the audio/video stream
Unyssea allows you to inject DVB/HbbTV content in your current stream, in real time and in SPTS/MPTS format (Single/Multiple Program Transport Stream).

  • Compatibility
  • Positioned at the output of your current encoders / MPEG-2 multiplexers without any change to your existing broadcast system.

    HbbTV content injection in audio/video program streams at constant bitrate .

    Program guide (DVB EIT) injection.

  • Flexibility of use
  • Ergonomic, customizable user interface.

    Injection parameters and strategies settings.

    Customizable standard solution, tailor-made support.

Browse the HbbTV Inserter Manual.

Se plaçant en sortie d'un encodeur/multiplexeur MPEG-2 TS, cette solution permet d'injecter des contenus ou des tables tels que du contenu HbbTV au sein du programme audio/vidéo tout en conservant un débit constant.

La solution offre également une interface utilisateur de configuration (paramétrage des contraintes/stratégies d'insertion).

Consulter le manuel utilisateur et la documentation technique (anglais uniquement).

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Insertion of DVB/HbbTV Content in audio/video Stream

HbbTV Generation

The emergence of connected TVs with the HbbTV standard requires publishers to have to change their production line. Vizion'R offers a generation solution to produce real-time HbbTV content.

  • HbbTV content generation allowing hybrid strategies (broadcast / connected)
  • Possible combination with our DVB / HbbTV content injection solution
Génération HbbTV

Moreover, this solution opens the door to connected TV hybrid strategies such as broadcasting some content in broadcast mode and another part in connected mode.

The hybrid strategy allows to optimize the services to fullfill the bandwidth constraints and the editorial choices of allocation of common services with personalized services.