SYNTHESIA: Compose or enhance your video streams

A tool for enhancing your audio streams with a visual component tailored to your channel editorial identity and listening contexts.
Combine your audio and filmed radio streams, your media libraries, web-based interactive streams and services.

Visual radio multimedia suite
Synthesia enables you to generate visual content synchronised with your live radio programs, manually or automatically.

The outgoing video stream is made from dynamic and static content sources : digital content libraries, digital information system data, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, API and predefined web services. It displays as a screen lay out. Several scalable models are available, in accordance with your programs’ identity.

Organise your program content in advance by accessing the "automatic" setting ( with a line-up "timetable" type tool) , or manually during the live program.

  • Compatibility
  • Synthesia enables to stream in standardized formats on a wide range of terminals.

    It supports all smartphone platforms, tablets, web browsers, connected TVs.

  • Flexibility of use
  • Cloud solution that is accessible from web browsers without additional software installation.

    Semi-and fully automated production processing.

    Customizable standard solution, tailor-made support.

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Synthesia operational principle © Vizion'R, 2014
Synthesia Schema

Radio DNS 2 Video

This solution let you export your Radio VIS (Radio DNS) slideshows into video streams. You can create video streams from your Radio VIS content, send it to Internet (Flash, HLS) and DVB (Satellite, Cable, DVB-T...). Bonus, you can add HbbTV content into the stream !

  • Create Video Stream using existing Radio DNS content (Radio VIS)
  • HbbTV content can be embed into the stream
  • Flash Compatible (Professionnal Version only): send your content to YouTube Live, DailyMotion or any Flash Server in live!
  • HLS Compatible (Android/iOS) (Professional Version only)
  • DVB Compatible (Satellite/Cable/TNT) (Professional Version only)

You can freely test RadioDNS2Video by filling this form, an email will be sent immediatly with a link to download RadioDNS2Video Lite for Windows, Mac OS or Unix.

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RDS Encoder Generator

This solution can aggregate, generate and publish data associated with your sound for RDS encoders.

  • Supports classic RDS features (PS scrolling, radio text ...)
  • Supports latest features: RT +, ODA
  • Compatible with a wide variety of audio broadcasters

This solution allows first automatic aggregation of associated data from any delivery systems such as Netia and A2I or other information systems. It can then generate appropriate content using scripts that follow complex editorial rules.

Finally, this solution publishes content in RDS encoder format, supporting advanced features such as scrolling PS, the RadioText RT + and ODA, for example allowing the purchase of disc diffusion through iTunes and compatible ipod radio.

RDS Encoder Generator

T-DMB Visual Interactive Services Generation

Vizion'R has positioned itself as a pioneer in the field of Digital Terrestrial Radio by providing a solution for generating visual and interactive services compatible with the standard T-DMB, which to date is the standard chosen by France.

  • Most optimized market solution in terms of bandwidth
  • Compatible with many encoders
  • Easy systems integration
The diagram below shows how this solution fits into the future chain of digital radio broadcasting.
Visual and interactive Services Generator for T-DMB

This innovative solution allows first to aggregate associated data from delivery systems such as Netia and A2I or other information system and generate visual and interactive services using MPEG 4 BIFS and finally publish real-time optimized streams with respect to the T-DMB broadcast constraints (speed, quality services etc. ..)