PANDORA: analyse your digital TV streams content and quality in real-time

A tool for optimizing your encoders and TS streams, in quality and in performance.
Analyse your digital TV streams content and quality in real-time (DTT IPTV, streaming).

MPEG2-TS/DVB/HbbTV analyser
Pandora allows you to analyse your different types of streams in depth, at any level : audio, video, HbbTV, MPEG4-BIFS.
Its analysis, reporting and presentation features make it one of the best tools on the market.

  • Precision and performance
  • Compatible with Apple HTTP Streaming.

    Advanced decoding content DVB/HbbTV, T-DMB/BIFS.

    Accurate MPEG2-TS stream characteristics display, all internal streams set-up (average stream rate, stream rate, stream type).

  • Ease of use
  • Automatic reporting functionality (error and quality).

    Ergonomic interface, result reporting as clear and accurate diagrams.

    Customizable standard solution, tailor-made support.

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